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The Australian Government has decided on a major reform in the way Australia selects skilled migrants called the Skilled Migration Selection Model.

The Model will be an electronic system consists of two-stage process. Prospective applicants will first need to submit claim for skilled migration by an online expression of interest (EOI) system and subsequently be invited to make a visa application if they have the skills and qualifications needed in the Australian labour market.

The Point test system of 60 points for skilled migration announced by DIAC on 15th June 2012 remains same for EOI Model.

The Applicants, who wants to apply after 31st December 2012 must have to participate in EOI Model for Skilled Migration Visa. The applicant participating in EOI model will not be granted bridging visa until they are invited to lodge application for Permanent Resident Visa. Bridging visa will only be granted when application is lodged. Ultimately, applicants participating in EOI will require manage their own visa or travel overseas and come back to Australia when invited.

The DIAC announced that, the Processing time can be vary up to 2 years to be selected from the Pool, based on the demand of particular occupation, points and limitation of applications for particular class of visa.

With the new 60 Point test system, most of the applicants would have 45 points from age and Australian study, which means majority of applicants will have to get IELTS 7 Band each to attain 10 points and 5 points from one of following:
  1. Professional Year Program Point for IT, Accounting or Engineering Graduates
  2. 1 Year Australian Experience
  3. NAATI Examination
  4. Eligible spouse


If the Applicant is 24 years of Old IT Graduate from an Australian Institute and have achieved 7 Band Each in IELTS.

Please find the below basic idea about the points for him. Below are the possible prospects for him/her as per New Point Test:

 Age – Between 18 to 2525 Points 
 Bachelor Qualification15 Points 
 2 Years of Study in Australia5 Points 
 IELTS 7 Band Each10 Points 
 Total55 Points 

At this stage, he is not eligible to lodge an application for PR or apply for expression of Interest for PR Application because he does not meet the basic criteria of 60 points. Yet he is eligible to lodge Skilled Graduate Visa (485). The applicant can lodge an application for 485 Visa Subclass, which will allow him 6 to 12 months stay on BVA (Bridging Visa A) as well as 18 months of stay once 485 Visa is granted.

Now the applicant has 3 options to acquire rest of 5 points:

Professional Year Program:

The applicant graduate from IT, Accounting and Engineering field can be eligible for 5 points as soon as he/she successfully completes Professional Year Program while on BVA for 485 Visa application or 485 skilled graduate visa.

However, the applicant needs to starts his/her PY Program as soon as he/she apply for 485 visa. After completion of Professional Year applicant will have 60 points completed and can apply for EOI. Moreover, the applicant will have 12 to 18 months left on 485 visa while waiting to be selected in EOI Model.


The applicant can claim 5 points after 1st of July 2012 if he/she successfully passes the exam. However, it takes time to understand the NAATI Examination structure as well as to prepared for the exam. It is the option, yet not favourite option amongst the majority of GSM Applicant as the success ratio to pass this exam is very low.

Work Experience:

If the applicant can get the job in his/her closely related occupation in IT field. After completion of 1 year of work experience, he/she can claim 5 points for his/her work experience. However, if he/she looses job after 11 months and if not able to find another job for at least 1 month then he/she would not be able to claim 5 points for his/her work experience.

Spouse Qualification:

If the applicant would marry someone who got bachelor qualification and that person can get positive assessment from relevant assessment authority according to the current SOL list of DIAC. Only then the main applicant can claim 5 points for his/her spouse. (I.e. if the spouse is Business Graduate and got assessment as marketing Specialist or HR Personal or Management Consultant – then the main applicant cannot claim 5 points for his/her spouse as that occupation does not appear in current SOL list).

Now assume, the spouse got successful assessment outcome from Engineers Australia with mechanical Engineer occupation, which is listed in current SOL list. The main applicant can claim 5 points for spouse qualification, however the spouse will need to get 6 Band each in IELTS as well as should have completed 2 years of qualification from Australian Institute on valid visa OR should have 1 years of an experience in the relevant field of Mechanical engineering in last 2 years. If any of this criteria could not be satisfied by spouse, again main applicant would not be eligible to claim any points for spouse qualification.

This example explains, professional year program is the easiest way to obtain 5 points and how important it is to start professional Year program as soon as you lodge 485 Visa applications. When, you will finish the Professional Year, you will have more chance to get an experience in your nominated occupation as well as you will have more time, while waiting to be selected from EOI.

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